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Programming Reminder: 2002 National League Champion San Francisco Giants Reunion

By Bryan Rose

If you were one of the lucky early bird’s at today’s Reds/Giants game, chances are you scored one of the bobble-heads commemorating the 2002 National League Champion San Francisco Giants. And if you were somehow lucky enough to score a handful or even the entire set, you could probably pay your mortgage for a few months with some of the astronomical prices they’re going for on Ebay currently…

Anyway, despite the giveaway today, the on-field ceremony commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the ’02 team is actually taking place tomorrow prior to the game, so for those going to the game and for those watching on TV, you’ll need to get yourself prepared by noon to catch the entire production.

The reunion will feature a handful of Giants that played for the ’02 squad – from Barry Bonds to Jeff Kent, and every Robb Nen, Kirk Rueter, Benito Santiago, Marvin Benard and J.T. Snow in-between. Twenty-three players (along with Dusty Baker, and his son, of course) in all are expected to attend, so make sure you re-live the memories of ’02 with the players tomorrow during the pre-game ceremonies.