SF Giants News

Undercover Cops Dressed as Dodger Fans

By Melissa Felkins

You read that correctly. Reported by the Mercury News this morning and various other news sources since last night, the San Francisco Police Department has placed undercover officers dressed as Dodger fans at the Giants vs Dodgers series this week to cut do on potential violence.

This is no doubt in response to the Bryan Stow beating Opening Day at Dodger Stadium last season. In case you were living under a rock for the past year and a half, Bryan Stow is the Giants who was brutally beaten outside Dodger Stadium last year, which resulted in traumatic brain injury for him.  Two men are currently awaiting trial for the assault. Personally, I think it’s a good effort on the part of the San Francisco PD and hopefully will cut down on any further incidences like the one with Stow.

On a bit lighter note, the Police Chief had this to say about the experiment:

"“I didn’t know if I could get San Francisco police officers to wear Dodger blue,” Suhr joked, saying he hopes to “send Dodger fans home nothing but disappointed.” — Mercury News"