Buster Posey

Swagga Like Belt (Brandon, That Is)

By Bryan Rose

It took a potential career AAAA player (<3 u Brett Pill) being sent back to the minors and a 35 year old geriatric tripping over the dugout fence during the perfect game celebration to get Brandon Belt into the lineup daily, but it finally happened and the awkward Texan hasn’t disappointed.

Now having starting 15 games in a row, the Bochy proclaimed “can’t hit lefties” first basemen is destroying the oppositions pitching, putting up a .362 average along with a .483 OBP% in those 15 contests – this all while leading the Giants (for the season) in OBP% at .388 and ranking behind only Melky Cabrera and Buster Posey in OPS. Belt’s .995 fielding percentage is also tops among the Giants position players with only two errors in nearly 400 innings and the baby giraffe has walked more times then he’s struck out (HOLE IN HIS SWING) the past two weeks (10 walks to 9 K’s).

You’d think somebody would potentially move him out of the seventh spot – but I guess it’s baby steps for the Nacogdoches native.

Either way, it appears Belt, blooming with confidence has finally freed himself from the pine’s shackles and no longer has to continually look over his shoulder.

Now if we could just watch his homerun gazing a few more times: