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Former Giant Jeff Kent Cast On Survivor Reality Show, Joins “Water Buffalo” Team

By Bryan Rose

Back in 2000, I remember I spent a good portion of my Summer vacation glued to the television watching the “new” television series “Survivor”.  It was something odd and unique, something that allowed my hormonal teenage self to look at half naked womenz and something that involved a lot of ass kicking. Apparently though, I got over it pretty quickly given I never watched it again, so it was a bit of shock to me to learn that it’s still on the air, TWELVE YEARS LATER and on it’s 26th season (whut?!).

The reality show has been casting for its upcoming season and with a hat tip to Grant Brisbee, we’ve now learned that former San Francisco Giant Jeff Kent will be taking part in the next season.

The cast will divide themselves into three tribes, each consisting of one returning player and five new. Kent is expected to be on the Kalabaw team, which translated means “Water Buffalo”. I can’t even make that up.

Hopefully they don’t allow motorcycles in the Philippine jungle.