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Giants’ Madison Bumgarner And Matt Cain Lead NL In Innings Pitched

By Bryan Rose

Bruce Bochy, for whatever reasons, has been compared to Dusty Baker in more ways then one throughout his managerial career. Maybe it’s the ease of their styles, something players appreciate and enjoy playing for. Maybe it’s the laid back and low key personality. Maybe it’s the continued questioning by their fan bases, or maybe it’s the fact that they both push their starting pitches until their arms resemble that of Gumby.

As the Giants’ Madison Bumgarner and Matt Cain each rank atop the National League in innings pitched, you can’t help but have some concern – maybe not worry, but concern. In a glass half full scenario, you’re happy that the Giants’ depleted bullpen hasn’t been used much at all (last in the league) but in a glass half empty one, the Giants starting staff has nearly 110 more innings pitched then that of the last place Kansas City Royals (433.2 to 323.2). Granted, Matt Cain and Madison Bumgarner aren’t Mark Prior and Kerry Wood. Both Cain and Bumgarner are rocks on the mound, horses with fluid motions and near perfect mechanics which leave little strain on their bodies and arms, so the inning count might not be as critical as it seems at first glance, but it’s hard to find much “good” out of it, other then saving the ‘pen.

With the season nearing it’s mid-way point next month and the dog days of Summer ahead, hopefully for Cain, Bumgarner and the sanity of the orange and black faithful, their innings will be cut back a bit. One can only throw so many 220+ innings for consecutive years, despite how flawless their mechanics are.