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#SFGiants and #Mariners Series Preview

By Stuart Jones

I’m probably going to get in trouble for bringing my series preview here to Fansided for a series against the Seattle Mariners. Mostly because there’s only one member of our team here at Around the Foghorn that knows both of these teams better than the rest of the staff. My new series previews are something I’d also like to share with the Fansided audience, so tell me what you think! I promise I won’t report you for spam on Twitter.

Friday, June 15th: RHP Ryan Vogelsong vs. LHP Jason Vargas

Saturday, June 16th: RHP Tim Lincecum vs. RHP Kevin Millwood

Sunday, June 17th: LHP Madison Bumgarner vs. Felix Hernandez

Small Sample Sizes (Last 7 Days) and Season Stats

There appears to be one guy on the Mariners that’s really doing anything from an offensive standpoint and that’s Michael Saunders (very first guy pictured), who’s doing .442 wOBA-style in the past week with a slightly above average .361 wOBA for the season. Every other Mariner is below .350 wOBA that qualifies. Ichiro has a .264/.292/.379 with a .296 wOBA and 88 wRC+ for the season that may have people wondering if he’s just about done. He still doesn’t strike out much though (9.1% last 7, 7.7% for the season and is 3rd best in the MLB). Their leader in HR is Justin Smoak, with 10. Giants still don’t have a double digit guy.

Guess who has the best wOBA in the past week for the Giants, ladies and gentlemen (and not even including today’s game, or as I like to call it, “what game?”): Brandon Belt. At .485 for the past week (.321 wOBA overall), and then 3 HR in the last 3 days, he is on pace for 100 HR for the season at the rate he’s going starting Tuesday, and look: another LHP on the mound tomorrow. Nate Schierholtz interestingly enough has picked it up recently with his .460 wOBA in the past 7 days (.315 overall), and thank goodness Melky is bringing his bat back (.449 last 7, .406 wOBA overall, including another big fly today).

Series Prediction

Certainly nothing is guaranteed with Vogey and MadBum on the mound, but you like your chances. This weekend could turn into a “whose offense sucks more” type of display, and with the Giants looking like they are starting to hit, that could spell trouble for King Felix’s NorthWestSiders.

Friday: Giants win (see: Vargas with 13 HRA)

Saturday: Mariners win (Timmy still not Timmy)

Sunday: Giants win (Felix gets Cain’d)