SF Giants News

Matt Cain Pitches PERFECT Game!

By Melissa Felkins

You thought Madison Bumgarner‘s home run last night was special? Matt Cain just pitched a PERFECT GAME! The first perfect game in Giants franchise history, San Francisco or New York. It’s also only the 22nd perfect game in MLB.

In a night where the Giants had three two-run home runs, and scored 10 runs, the pitching was the story of the night. Matt Cain struck out 14 batters and retired 27 of 27 batters. The Giants beat the Astros 10-0 to take Game 2 of the series. By the way, those 14 Ks ties Cain with Sandy Koufax for the most strikeouts in a perfect game.

Cain had a little bit of help though from his outfield. Gregor Blanco made a spectacular play to catch a ball near Triples Alley and Melky Cabrera caught a ball at the wall that I think everyone in the ballpark except Melky thought was going out.

Tonight was Matt Cain’s night. The night he’s been destined to have since he got called up. And really, that’s all that mattered about this game.