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#JetPackGuy Shows Up At Giants Game, Floats In McCovey Cove During Matt Cain’s Perfect Game

By Bryan Rose

Lost in the hoopla of the perfect game thrown by Matt Cain was the oddity spotted in McCovey Cove moments after first pitch.

If you tuned in late, well, this thing appeared:

The mystery man captivated the crowed, seemingly appearing out of nowhere as he floated into the Cove, rising above the right field wall enjoying a few moments of the game. But just as quickly as he appeared, he vanished, making his way back out to the Bay before he was gone for good.

So what was the random on-looker wearing? A water powered jet pack which goes by the name “JetLev”, to be exact. The jet pack is tethered to a small speedboat-like unit which contains a 250 horsepower motor and a pump that intakes water to produce a a 1,900-Newton [430-pounds-of-force] thrust, good enough to lift a 330lb object.

Which is oddly about the same weight as the 100K you’d need to drop to get yourselves one of these Jetson backpacks.

No word on if this was the same guy in the Cove: