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How the #SFGiants stack up

By Stuart Jones

Beat writer Henry Schulman brought up how the Giants are 5-10 vs. teams above .500 since May 1st, and you can access his Twitter page for the specifics, so I decided to take a look at how the San Francisco Giants are measuring up against other teams this season thus far. And then I thought how useless that information would be if you didn’t get the information for three other NL teams with better records than them (sorry for the lack of love, NL Central).

Here’s a look at the Giants and the opponents they have faced. The left column notes that respective team’s overall record, and the right side is how the Giants have fared against them.

Notice the nice record against teams less than .500: 19-8. The Astros gallop into AT&T this weekend with a 26-34 record. Salivating? It’s OK, I am, too. However, that record against teams at .500 or better will have to get better if the Giants have any postseason plans. Also note the Giants only have a winning record against one team above .500: The New York BABIPs/Mets.

Here are three other NL teams that have been doing pretty well this year and you can figure they will be “buyers” come trade deadline:

Good teams take care of business against the teams they should, as evidenced by these three listed here. What you should also notice is how these three are also above .500 against teams winning half their games or more. Los Doyers are an unconscious 15-5 against those teams, and they’ve swept the Nats, Bucs, Cards, and even the lifeless Phils. Can they keep that up? Hopefully not.

Keep in mind with five playoff spots, the Giants will probably have to mess with most, if not all of these teams and scoreboard watch looking for them, assuming they are also in the race and have not been busy leaving runners on base and beating themselves like they have had the tendency to do on offense and defense at times this year.