SF Giants News

Three Jacks beats Four Errors; Giants 8, Padres 3

By Melissa Felkins

Well as much as they tried yesterday, the Giants did not beat themselves. Matt Cain had 0 ER yet the score does not reflect that effort. Ryan Theriot set the tone for the game with four hits (It was almost five hits but got robbed on a line drive to the third baseman) Gregor Blanco, Angel Pagan and Buster Poseyall went deep in the hitter friendly combine of Petco Park. In the last three games, the Giants have 4 HR at Petco Park and a grand total of 6 HR at AT&T Park.

Brandon Belt, Angel Pagan, Ryan Theriot and Joaquin Arias all had errors in the game and they all redeemed themselves before the end of the game. Brandon Belt had an unassisted double play in the Bottom of the Fifth and completed an inning ending double play in the bottom of the sixth. Joaquin Arias had two really good defensive plays and specifically the one that ended the game. Of course Belt, Pagan and Theriot also helped out offensively as well.

What went right the game? Well, the offense was right and Matt Cain was right today. The offense gave Matt Cain a two run lead before the bottom of the first inning. It probably took all of the effort in the world for Matt Cain not to strangle his team mates who increased their league leading 55 Errors. Brandon Crawford also had a good defensive game.

Speaking of what went wrong: Defense. In defense of the defense it was the first error(s) the Giants have made in the last error since May 30 so, it’s been a week.

What’s up next? A rematch of the 2010 World Series. Barry Zito, Ryan Vogelsong and Tim Lincecum will start against the Rangers. Lincecum is 2-0 against the Rangers all time with the two wins coming in October and November of 2010. I didn’t do a recap on Tuesday or Wednesday but, on Tuesday I watched Lincecum struggle in the second inning. Then he dominated the next four innings. The last four innings he pitched was vintage Lincecum, he looked like the Cy Young winner we’ve all loved being able to watch over the years. If he can start like he finished then Texas doesn’t stand a chance.