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Nearly Two Years Later #Rangers #SFGiants

By Stuart Jones

Oh hey how’d that thing get there? Sometimes, we just gotta bring out the hardware for the fans. What’s that, the Rangers are in town? What a crazy coincidence! Or as I hear some adults a generation older than me say, “That’s cray-cray.” Oh, old people.

Want to see the 25-man rosters from that World Series of both teams? Of course you do, because it brings back good memories:

Most of Texas’ offense is still on the big league roster in Arlington while a pretty good chunk of the Giants’ pitching is still around. Like the Texas pitching squad, the bats of the Giants have been rearranged a little since then. There are actually the same amount of  players still with the Giants (15) in their organization in some form like with Texas (15), which I was actually surprised by (I thought Texas would have more). This doesn’t even count Barry Zito, most expensive man left off the roster! Hope none of the 2012 comments for the Giants offended you. “Kinda there” for Freddy Sanchez is actually kind of a generous statement.

Should be a fun weekend.