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Keith Law Says Giants’ Draft Pick Chris Stratton Best In System, Could’ve Went #5

By Bryan Rose

When it comes to player evaluations from Keith Law, either you love him or you, well, you know – think he’s a crackpot. There’s not a lot of wiggle room in between, so, some of you might be a bit shocked to see that he ranked Giants first round draft pick Chris Stratton as the number one prospect in the Giants’ system:

"Right now, I’d have Stratton as the best prospect in San Francisco’s system, but see two or three guys in the organization already who could end up ahead of him by the end of the season."

But much like anything with Law, it needs to be taken with a grain of salt – or several. Law’s never been a big fan of Gary Brown, in any capacity, so Stratton being placed over the loveable outfielder is questionable to say the least. Law’s never been one to get swayed by hard throwing relievers either, so Heath Hembree is out of the question in Law’s rankings as well. That almost leaves Stratton by default – which in a way is slightly terrifying, but also nice to know that Law thinks that highly of one of the newest Giants.

For what its worth, Law believes Stratton’s talent gives him the ability to be a #2 starter and projected him to go in the top 15 prior to the draft (felt he could go high as #5).