SF Giants News

Giants at Padres (Game Two)

By Amanda Gill

Date: June 6th, 2012

Time: 3:35 P.M.

Place: Petco Park

Madison Bumgarner  (LHP, 6-4, 3.04 ERA) vs.  Clayton Richard (LHP, 2-6, 4.44 ERA)

Melky Cabrera has a .333 average against Clayton Richard, who has 1 3.09 ERA against the Giants in the last five seasons. The Giants look to bounce back against the Padres tonight, after the walk off win the Padres had last night.

San Francisco Giants Lineup:

  1. Blanco RF
  2.  Theriot 2B
  3.  Cabrera LF
  4.  Posey C
  5.  Pagan CF
  6.  Pill 1B
  7.  Arias 3B
  8.  Crawford SS
  9.  Bumgarner P

San Diego Padres Starting Lineup:

  1. Denorfia RF
  2.  Maybin CF
  3. Headley 3B
  4.  Quentin LF
  5. Guzman 1B
  6. Forsythe 2B
  7. Hundley C
  8.  Cabrera SS
  9.  Richard P