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Jorge Soler And The San Francisco Giants’ Interest

By Bryan Rose

To Major League Baseball general managers, 20 year old free agent outfielder Jorge Soler is like a fancy bike under the Christmas tree of an eight year old. It’s the newest, most bad-ass product on the market. The potential is out of this world, but damn it’s expensive. Oh well, it’s your


Owners money, right?

As was reported earlier this morning by a variety of news outlets, the Dominican prospect finally became a free agent after some issues with his residency and is now currently running through a vast number of offers, reportedly seeking something similar to that of the Athletics’ Yoenis Cespedes four-year, $36 million contract (though many GM’s have said it will be lower, similar to that of the Rangers’ Leonys Martin $15.6 million deal). The San Francisco Giants? They certainly can’t have any interest, can they? Well, depending on who you listen to, they just might.

Don Olsen, writer for Orioles Nation and a former MiLB pitcher reports that the Giants, along with his hometown O’s are interested in the highly skilled Soler:

"Orioles are one of a handful of teams that like Soler. Royals, Rangers, Tigers, Cubs, and Giants. I suspect Yanks, Boston, Mets get involved"

Given the Giants’ finances, they seemingly are always thrown into prospective key free agent talks, but little usually comes of it and it’s hard to think much will come of this. More then likely, Sabean has kicked the tires, but financially the Giants brass will continue to say they can’t afford it and of course, giving a an un-proven talent a hefty annual salary isn’t something the Giants can afford to make a mistake on.

Soler isn’t instant gratification like Cespedes as he’ll need a few years in the minors, and like any unknown, he does come with a risk of failure – but he’s a unique talent who most scouts project as a very safe investment.

Unfortunately, despite the rumors, that wont be with the San Francisco Giants.