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Former San Francisco Giant Andres Torres Documentary “Gigante” Premieres

By Bryan Rose

You may recall that during Andres Torres‘ tenure as a San Francisco Giant, he was the sole subject of a documentary film which focused on his battles with ADHD, better known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

The release of the film had its issues early on as it was delayed multiple times, but production continued on even after Torres was traded to the New York Mets along with reliever Ramon Ramirez in exchange for Angel Pagan late last year. Thankfully though, all of the hard work from Torres and the film crew was rewarded as the documentary was screened in-front of a small crowd (around 200) at the NYU Langone Medical Center last evening. It was still a “rough” cut of the feature presentation, so final work is to be done before its released in a public form but judging from the responses, the film was incredibly well received.

Torres had this to say about the premiere:

"“I just want to inspire people and let them know what this is about and why we try to help kids and adults everywhere,” Torres said Thursday night. “I’m a person with this condition but I’m happy the way I am. You have struggles too and I’m just sharing this story of my life, how I became who I am with this condition.”The film, which lasted nearly an hour and a half, was divided into two parts, the first dissecting Torres’ childhood through reenactments as well as interviews with family and friends. The second part dealt with Torres’ adulthood, including this season."

While no New York Mets were in attendance, San Francisco Giants’ principal partner Wiliam Chang (who was one of the main reasons for the film, who also suffers from ADHD) along with a handful of medical professionals made their way to the premiere.