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Joaquin Arias To Become Giants’ Starting 2nd When Pablo Sandoval Returns

By Bryan Rose

If your name is Emmanuel Burris, you might want to start saving your money and checking out apartments for rent in Fresno because it appears that Joaquin Arias will be given the second base duties full time once Pablo Sandoval returns from injury. While we’ve all but known this since Arias’ solid play turned him into the everyday player, San Francisco Giants’ GM Brian Sabean confirmed the speculation on CSN’s Chronicle Live last evening with Jim Kozimor:

"Sabean also implied to Jim Kozimor on Chronicle Live that Joaquin Arias will move to second base when Sandoval is healthy enough to return."

Sandoval is about two weeks away from a return.

That all said, as great as Arias’ story has been and the help he’s provided during the Giants’ time of need, it wouldn’t hurt the Giants to get in the market for a true everyday second basemen. Not a slight to Arias, but he’s just as valuable (maybe more-so) as a super utility infielder who could spell three spots on the infield as opposed to being an everyday starter, in a perfect world.

Either way, it’s a well deserved promotion (partially by default) for the native Dominican.