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Bruce Bochy Thinks The Giants Won The Melky Cabrera – Jonathan Sanchez Trade

By Bryan Rose

Back in November of 2011, the San Francisco Giants traded starter Jonathan Sanchez for Melky Cabrera, the Melk Man coming off a career year in Kansas City that he simply couldn’t reproduce for the Giants.

The trade was met with a vast variety of opinions – a few absolutely loving the move, a few appalled by it, but for the most part, indifference and questions. Sure, Melky was a solid player – but what about the crowded outfield rotation? Isn’t Aubrey Huff supposed to be in the outfield? Are they now going to take Brandon Belt out of the lineup and send him back to Fresno because of this? More importantly, what about the back half of our rotation? Zito’s going to suck again and Vogelsong isn’t a sure thing. At least we still have Tim Lincecum and his effective self….

How things can change in the span of six months.

Cabrera isn’t only reproducing his wonderful 2011 in Kansas City, he’s making it an afterthought. Granted, regression is bound to come in due time but even then, his hard nosed throwback style of play is a welcome addition to a team (and league, really) lacking the needed grit (Aaron Rowand say what?). The now fan favorite has a following in left field Barry Bonds would be envious of and his manager, Bruce Bochy, is pretty happy Cabrera is a San Francisco Giant. So much so, the Giants skipper might have let out a bit too much of his personal exuberance towards the trade in last nights post-game presser.

When asked about the addition of Cabrera, Bochy more or less dangled a big “suck it” towards the Kansas City front office:

"Wow, what a trade for us"

No, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds on the surface, but it’s protocol that you don’t bash your ex-player or the other trade party. You bull-crap your way through, making sure to mention the unfortunate circumstances for Sanchez in Kansas City and how he’ll turn it around for the Royals, complimenting him before/after you compliment Melky – even though you clearly don’t believe any of the garble you just spewed.

I just found it mildly funny at the time. There’s really nothing wrong with what Bochy said, it’s just not his typical style and in a way, it was a small vent towards his frustrations with Sanchez’s oddities while in San Francisco.