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Errors, Walks and Zito Doomed; Brewers 8, Giants 5

By Melissa Felkins

I could have sworn I published this yesterday, but alas, the recap from yesterday’s game.

Remember on April 9th when I wrote this Recap. I said I wouldn’t give Barry Zitocrap for two games even if his ERA skyrocketed above 21. Consider this game 1. I will recap the game but, am not giving Zito crap. By not giving crap I mean calling him a “bad pitcher” in some shape or form, I can still point out things that went wrong in the game.

I knew it was going to be bad in the bottom of the first inning when the Brewers second batter came up and Barry Zito had a throwing error to Emmanuel Burriss and failed to make the first out of the inning. Instead of a runner at second with one out, the Brewers had runners on first and second with no outs and Ryan Braun came up to bat. Zito walked Braun. Then Aramis Ramirez hit a bases clearing double. Brandon Crawford made yet another error and there continued to be no outs in the inning. Marco Estrada (the Brewers pitcher) hit a double and two more scored. The Brewers batted around in the first inning. Brewers 6, Giants 0. Already not a good sign.

The second inning looked promising after the first two batters went down in order. Then Joaquin Arias hit a single and Nate Schierholtz walked, then the excitement fizzled as Emmanuel Burriss came to the plate (I think every Giants fan knew what was going to happen) and abruptly struck out swinging at a ball 10 feet away from the strike zone.

Bottom of the second inning and Zito gives up another two runs. The score 8-0. Zito lasted through the third inning, he gave up 8 R, 4 ER on 5 Hits, 4 BB and 2 Errors. (One of the Errors was Zito high throw to Brandon Belt.)

The Giants scraped in the third and fourth to tack on five runs but, couldn’t muster any more offense. In the third inning Hector Sanchez hit a 3-run double and Melky Cabrera had a two run single in the fourth.

Shane Loux, Steve Edlefsen and Clay Hensley went 6.0 innings with 0 runs. The bullpen has started to meld and definitely kept the Giants in the game.

Today  starts a four game series in Miami and it wasn’t that long ago the Giants were swept by Miami at AT&T Park.