Buster Posey

Catchers Hit Bombs: Giants 4, Brewers 3 F/14

By Melissa Felkins

The heroes of tonight’s game are Madison Bumgarner, Buster Posey, Hector Sanchez, Joaquin Arias, and the bullpen. But mostly, Hector Sanchez‘s game winning home run in the 14th inning. By the way, this is Sanchez’s second winning run against the Brewers this month. Bumgarner allowed 5 hits, 1 walk, 1 ER and 10 Ks and pitched masterful. His only mistake was a two run home run to Ryan Braun in the eighth inning. This home run should not have happened as Brandon Crawford made an error on the previous play that should have ended the inning. Based on the Twitter feedback, I would rather have been Aubrey Huff than Brandon Crawford tonight. In reality, Sergio Romo was warmed up and ready to pitch to Braun, but Bochy chose to leave Bumgarner in. Hindsight is 20/20, but you have to wonder how much sooner the game could have ended.

On the offensive side, Buster Posey hit a three run bomb in the first inning. 13 innings later Hector Sanchez hit a home run to give the Giants the lead. Melky Cabrera is now the owner of the MLB league leading 61 Hits for the year and yet another multi-hit game.

"Dear Brian Sabean,I know I’m just a small fan living in the Monterey area but, I would really appreciate a long term contract for Melky Cabrera. I think he can hit well at AT&T Park and provide a spark in the offense which the Giants have been sorely lacking over the last couple years. SIGN HIM NOW!Best regards,Melissa (representing every SF Giants fan)"

Joaquin Arias made some great defensive plays and went two for six with a strike out. His two hits were great shots. I think Brandon Crawford and Arias will switch in the batting order because Crawford looked a little lost after that first AB.

Angel Pagan was ill and should be in the lineup tomorrow which would be better than Brett Pill batting 5th, who was an 0 for 4. Belt came in late in the game and managed to draw 2 walks but didn’t do much else with the bat.

The highlight of the night, other than the two home runs, was watching one of those very rare Santiago Casilla at-bats. He struck out, but gave the dugout a good laugh in the process.

And lest we forget, the bullpen pitched 6 innings with only 1 hit. They pitched well tonight and worked hard. Hopefully Matt Cain can go late into the game tonight.

Only 16 hours till the next game.