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Giants’ Pablo Sandoval Pies Angel Pagan And Reporter Jaymee Sire

By Bryan Rose

Ah, Jaymee Sire, everybody’s favorite San Francisco Giants reporter. So cute, so talented, so………covered in a shaving cream pie? The self anointed food loving reporter got up close and personal with the treat usually reserved for game winning hits this afternoon while interviewing Angel Pagan in the Giants’ clubhouse.

A clearly bored and fun-loving Pablo Sandoval initially put the fear of pie in Sire as he lurked through the Giants’ locker room looking for a victim, before a Sire squeal forced Sandoval to pie Pagan, not Jaymee, during their interview. However, the Panda wasn’t done as he stalked Sire and quickly crept up behind her, shoving the pie in her face, shaving cream dripping off of her blonde locks as she was just a bit too tardy getting out of the fire line.

Angel Pagan and Pablo Sandoval were beside themselves as Sire attempted to run down the Panda. Good to see all had a laugh, even poor Jaymee.

What a few wins bunched together will do for a bunch.

You can watch the video below: