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The San Francisco Giants, Orlando Hudson And The Inevitable

By Bryan Rose

I touched on the idea of Orlando Hudson a while back and Stuart quickly touched on the subject yesterday, but when all is said and done, it’s difficult to think that Orlando Hudson wont find his way up the I-5, assuming he clears waivers (which is almost a certainty).

The former gold glove winning defender is sadly an improvement over what the Giants have been currently trotting out to second base and all but has a starting job with the black and orange if he’s interested. With what could be considered a pretty small market of interest for his services, the opportunity to spurn his old team and the chance to play (and start) in a potential pennant race, you’d have to think there will be mutual interest from O-Dawg’s side.

Hudson isn’t without some controversy though. The South Carolina native made waves in 2010, claiming the MLB is racist towards black players, namely black free agents and also irritated a handful of front office members in the Padres organization by alienating younger players. In addition to his questionable clubhouse presence (at least from the unhappy Padres), there’s also been accusations of poor hustle and work ethic, some scouts even chiming in with their thoughts:

"“It’s like he’s playing T-ball,” said one scout who has watched the Padres often this year. “Run til you’re out.”The scout has been stunned at how done Hudson looks.“He plays so deep at second base because his range is gone,” the scout said. “And then he dives at balls like he’s body surfing.”"

Assuming Hudson clears waivers, financially he provides little risk for the Giants. At a league minimum salary, it’s difficult to think he wont provide a bit more then the awful returns the Giants have currently received from Emmanuel Burris and Charlie Culberson. But just how much more?

Is it just a change of scenery that’s needed for Hudson to regain his former form? Or is the 34 year old infielder quickly fading into baseball oblivion, with his numbers on a decline for five straight seasons?

I have a feeling we’ll soon find out.