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San Francisco Giants Sign Brad Penny To Play Second. Or Pitch. Or Something.

By Bryan Rose

Brad Penny. Remember him? Barry Zito sure does. As does Alyssa Milano (Who’s The Boss fame) as she’s got down and dirty with them both (much to her dismay). That’s not an awkward clubhouse conversation, at all.

The large and in-charge Penny was released from his contract in Japan earlier this week and signed by the San Francisco Giants to provide “bullpen relief” per John Shea of the Chronicle.

Penny will report to extended Spring Training this week (and probably see Freddy Sanchez with a needle in his body at some point during his tenure) before he advances to what would most likely be Fresno.

This will be Penny’s second go-around with the Giants as native Oklahoman signed with the Giants in late 2009 after clearing waivers from the Boston Red Sox. Penny posted a fantastic 2.59 ERA in his six Giant starts before moving onto St. Louis in 2010 for more greenbacks.