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Carlos Beltran On San Francisco Giants – “I Wanted To Come Back”

By Bryan Rose

While I wasn’t a huge fan of the Giants trading Zack Wheeler to the New York Mets in exchange for Carlos Beltran last season, I knew one thing when they acquired the slugger; the front office obviously had intent of bringing him back for the next few seasons. I mean, who trades one of the organizations best prospects for just a rental? Yes, it’s been done in the past, but it’s quite rare. The Giants needed a strong hitter. Beltran apparently enjoyed his short time by the Bay – it was a great match for the next few years. The ballclub had clear intentions to bring back the soon to be free agent.

Except, they didn’t. Even worse? According to Beltran himself, who’s in town tonight as a member of the St. Louis Cardinals, the Giants didn’t even make an effort after Beltran said he wanted to return to the Giants:

"Beltran said he never got call from Giants. “I was willing to come back. But they went out there and got good players in Melky and Pagan.”"

And in addition:

"“They knew I was going to be a free agent and I wanted to come back.” in the end said Cards were “best fit.”"

Countering the point, Hank Schulman did mention that the Giants had “general” talks with Dan Lozano, Beltran’s agent, but it was clear the Giants didn’t give much effort in hopes of re-signing the current National League’s homerun leader.

It’s hard to think that the Giants couldn’t have squeezed Beltran’s salary into the 2012 budget (something the Giants continually dismiss), especially with larger deals coming off the books starting next season, but given the fact that Beltran admittingly wanted to return, it’s a big spoonful of salt in that open wound.