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Giants’ GM Brian Sabean Open To Melky Cabrera Contract Extension

By Bryan Rose

Oh man. Look what you started, Carl Steward.

Two days after the initial bullet was shot regarding a Melky Cabrera extension, the idea was brought up to San Francisco Giants GM Brian Sabean by the Chronicle’s Gwen Knapp. Sabean, who’s had a busy few months handing out extensions (Matt Cain) and buying out arbitration years (Madison Bumgarner) certainly didn’t seem too opposed to bringing back the Melk Man, going as far as to say it might be an in-season move:

"On Monday, though, general manager Brian Sabean said the team might not delay so long before attempting to lock down Cabrera’s future as a Giant.“Not necessarily,” he said when asked about waiting until November. “I think it’s different with a transitional player, depending on who the agent is or the appetite of the player. So I wouldn’t say that’s an absolute.”"

For most, it’s a challenging decision. Has Cabrera finally reached the potential many expected from him when he was a New York Yankee? He is 27 after all, the prime year for offensive players to either make or break. But his track record isn’t something you want to get too financially friendly with, especially for a team who is continually checking under the AT&T Park seats for loose change. The last thing you want to do is find yourself in another Aaron Rowand situation after finally removing that fungus from your franchise. Granted, I’m not comparing them as players, it’s just that there are some players you can justify an overpay to and others, well, others that you simply can’t.

While I’m very much pro-Cabrera in regards to bringing him back to San Francisco for next year and beyond, it has to be done at a responsible and respectable amount – and that’s my worry with Sabean, who tends to be a bit loosey-goosey with his free agent contracts.

Don’t do anything stupid, Brian.