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Frisbee Fun

By Stuart Jones

A lot of people’s favorite reliever, and for good reason: he’s the best reliever the Giants have on the roster. I would love him to be the closer, but that’s an argument for another day. Sergio Romo has an ERA/FIP/xFIP of 0.00/1.32/2.11 going right now, alongside a 11.32 K/9 and a 2.61 BB/9. Anybody will certainly take those stats, but look at what he did in 2011 (as if you didn’t know how incredible it was already):

1.50/0.96/1.49 (the lowest FIP/xFIP for any reliever in the bigs with <40 IP), and a 13.13 K/9 plus a 0.94 BB/9 (the BB/9 also best in the bigs <40 IP). Homie’s a beast, and the BABIP’s are about similar right now (.276 in ’11 to .269 in ’12), so we’re not expecting any regression or improvement in stats based off of that.

His “no-dot” slider has made him famous in San Francisco, and his 9th inning work in Arizona, along with his one-batter shut-down last night got me wondering what the numbers are saying about his glorious work.

From 2009 is really when he put it together and got his chance to put hitters away:

Interesting to see the regression in the use of the fastball and the progression in the use of the slider. We’ll see how often that changeup he has continues to be used this year and how much it falls (or doesn’t) to that 2.0% mark he had for it in 2011.

Another cool set of stats Fangraphs puts together is giving you an idea of what is being swung at, which I’ve spelled out for you at the top of the chart. Normally these stats are called “O-Swing,” “Z-Swing,” “O-Contact,” “Z-Swing,” respectively:

Also important to note these are the stats based off of PitchF/X’s pitch location data that you’ve probably seen on MLB GameDay if you’ve ever GameDay’d a game in the past couple years.

So, a third of pitches outside are being swung at, and a little less than half have touched the wood of the bat. Over a quarter of pitches in the zone that are swung at don’t get touched, which is fun. So far this year, not even half of his pitches have been in the strike zone, and yet #54 has only walked 4 (1 of them intentional). Such a joy to watch this guy pitch, and we’re only paying him $1.575MM, and he has two arbitration years left to go.