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Dodgers Best Giants 6-2, Win Series in LA

By Melissa Felkins

What started off looking like the Giants may take the Dodgers series in LA turned into yet another nightmare for Tim Lincecum, as the Dodgers beat the Giants 6-2. The ace started out looking pretty good, and gaining quiet a bit of speed on his fastballs from prior outings.  His first inning was better than we’ve seen from his this season. But, a win last night was not to be.

But then came the 4th inning. After loading the bases on some walks and maybe 1 poor pitch that was hit, Tony Gywnn Jr. came in to pinch hit for Chad Billingsley, who had a terrible outing. The same pitch that cost Lincecum a base hit earlier in the inning proved to be the nail in the coffin for Lincecum. Gywnn hit a balled that was elevated and right over the place for a triple, clearing the bases and giving the Dodgers a definitive lead.

The offense didn’t help Lincecum out too much either. After scoring two runs between the second and third innings, the Giants shut down offensively. Oh, they got on hits and on base, but that ugly team that can’t seem to get a hit with runners in score position reared it’s ugly head once again.

Also not looking good was Nate Schierholtz‘s base running. He cost the Giants a run in the third by really not making a decision to stay on second or go and was thrown out by Kemp (the third out) right before Belt was to score.

Aubrey Huff did get a chance to play in his first game back since coming off the DL. He was put in to pinch hit in the 8th and popped out. He stayed in the game at first, replacing Brandon Belt who really did not have a good night. He went 0-4, with 2 strike outs and no walks. He did manage to get on base in the debacle that was the third inning after hitting a ball that caused a force play at second base. One can only imagine after his terrible outing that he won’t be in the lineup on Friday (does Bochy even need an excuse anymore?).

The Giants head down to Arizona for a series starting on Friday. Hopefully between now and then, Bochy has a ‘Come to Jesus’ talk with them and we see an improvement on the field and in the batter’s box.