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Giants May Lose Another To DL As Pablo Sandoval Leaves Injured

By Bryan Rose

Prior to last season, I never cared much about the Miami Marlins, either way. They were just another team, despite the lifetime looping of J.T. Snow chugging a tractor trailer behind him as he rounded third base and crashed into Pudge Rodriguez, despite the fact that they blasted the ’97 Giants out of the postseason, despite the fact that – hey, wait a second. Is it me or does there seem to be some serious negative karma with the Giants as it pertains to those South Floridians.

Last year they came into San Francisco, sweeping their way through the City and taking Buster Posey‘s season as their victory prize. This year, they’re a game away from doing the same, but with Pablo Sandoval as their coup.

In the bottom of the sixth inning last night, Sandoval hit a weak grounder to second and immediately started slowly out of the box, grimacing the entire way down the line. He was quickly removed from the game and departed the park in a wrist brace. There was significant concern from all parties involved, including Manager Bruce Bochy who was very candid in his explanation of the freak injury:

"“Oh, quite a bit, to be honest,” Bochy said. “For him to come out of the game, his hand is pretty sore. There’s a lot of concern here. We know what this guy means to our club and our offense. You hope for the best, that’s all you can do. He’s our No. 3 hitter, No. 4 today, and he’s swinging well from both sides. He’s having a good year. We’re hoping we get some good news with this.”"

We’ll get more word on the Panda’s injury sometime today, but for a team that seemingly appears to be already offensively challenged, losing an MVP type bat for an extended period could have catastrophic results. Hopefully they were just being cautious….