Buster Posey

Giants fall short to Marlins: Giants 1, Marlins 2

By Melissa Felkins

The chances were there. Casey At The Bat was written years ago but, i think it needs to be updated for the 21st century. Bottom of the Eighth, bases loaded, one out and mighty Buster Posey at the plate. He nicely grounds into an inning ending double play. Posey is tied for 33 in the MLB for GIDP at 3 (Along with 37 others).

The first three innings of the game can be described pretty easily. 1,2,3 out. Matt Cain broke up a no-hitter in the bottom of the third. Then Angel Pagan singled but, not deep enough for a slow runner to make it home. I think Matt Cain’s biggest mistake last night was walking Jose Reyes to start the top of the fourth inning. Jose Reyes then stole 2nd base and on a wild pitch advanced to third base. I’ll recap that with a runner on third and no outs the Marlins were able to get the runner home something that the Giants have failed to do. Other than that Matt Cain pitched like Matt Cain, surrendering two runs over 8 innings of work. But on this night Ricky Nolasco was 1 run better.

Pablo Sandoval blasted his 5th HR of the year to put the Giants on the board. Consider that after the third inning the Giants had 5 hits over the next six innings. Clearly, their 0 for 8 with RISP (I don’t count 1, a solo HR should NOT count as a hit with RISP) is what continues to plague the Giants. However, this is classic Giants baseball win or lose. Elite pitching coupled with average hitting and hopefully more times than not, you’re on the winning side. In the case of last night the G-men were on the losing side. Now we turn to Barry Zito to be our stopper tonight.