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Giants Say Goodbye Rally Thong, Hello “Sexy And I Know It” Muscle Shirt

By Bryan Rose

The rally thong shall live in 2010 infamy, but after today’s monumental 9th inning comeback, the Giants (thanks in part to Matt Cain) have a new vice – courtesy of Angel Pagan and LMFAO. Yes, those guys.

Per Baggs:

"Oh no. Pagan wore tank top w/ “I’m sexy & I know it” in leopard print. Game-winning hero has to wear it from now on. A Matt Cain production."

While we don’t have a picture of the said shirt just yet (we’ll update when we do), but I’d venture to guess it’s something on this order:

And no, there is no charge for forcing you to picture Angel Pagan in that shirt – it’s on the house.

You’re welcome.