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Aubrey Huff And Giants Hope To Put Anxiety Issues Behind Them Soon

By Bryan Rose

For Aubrey Huff, it’s safe to say his time as a San Francisco Giant has been quite the roller coaster ride. After a near MVP first half for the black and orange in 2010, Huff’s second half slipped (although it was still solid), but the post All-Star break fade was nothing compared to his disaster of a 2011 season which was one of the worst in all of Major League baseball.

With a renewed vigor, Huff came into the 2012 season with a much improve attitude, admittingly out of shape in ’11, Huff re-focused his energy during this past offseason in hopes of returning to his ’10 form. Unfortunately for Huff, his season got off on the wrong foot before he ever laced up a cleat as according to Hank Schulman, Huff’s wife filed for divorce on January 31st after six years of marriage. Granted, everybody has their problems so that’s not an excuse, but, it’s just a reality – some can handle outside adversity better than others. We don’t need to look very far down the Giants’ lineup to recall another player who quickly grew out of shape and struggled while going through a divorce as a 2010 Pablo Sandoval nearly played his way back to Fresno during his personal problems.

Now dealing with anxiety issues, Huff is hoping treatment will get him back on the field soon, allowing him to use baseball as a few hours to escape his real world problems which involve two children in the middle of a dissolution of marriage.

For the Giants, it’s a tough situation to be put into. You certainly want to support your player through a rough time, but with only a few months left on Huff’s contract, there comes a point when results need to be shown on the field, something Huff has struggled to do now for a year and a half.

No matter what happens between Huff and the Giants in the near future, nor how the fan base personally feels about Huff, I’m sure fans can all agree on one thing – and that’s Huff getting through this situation as fast and healthy as possible.