Buster Posey

Nobody messes with Buster

By Stuart Jones

In the 7th inning, after the score was 3-0 and Matt Cain was pulled and Dan Otero came into the game. Otero faced 3 hitters, all 3 putting the ball in play, and so there were runners on 2nd and 3rd with Votto up with two outs. Otero’s only pitch to Votto was a fastball that hit Votto on the leg under the hip. It looked unintentional, and Joey Votto gave a little stank eye after he tossed the ball back to Otero. After the score got to 8-0, I figured Votto’s HBP wasn’t something we had to worry about. Arredondo pitched a scoreless inning for the Reds, then the Cincys put up one more then the top of the 9th happens.

Sam LeCure comes into the game and he’s tasked with facing the two best hitters on the Giants team in Panda and Buster. Panda ropes one through the 3.5 hole to continue his record-setting hitting streak to start a season in San Francisco. The first pitch to Buster Posey is a fastball behind him. Both benches get warned, and five pitches later Buster lifted a breaking ball to the first row of the RCF seats to erase the shutout.

Buster then had this look that let you know he was pretty pissed when you watched him on the dugout.

His angry face isn’t his most attractive face, but it’s the face you wanted to see if you’re a Giants fan. You love the fire because if you’re Buster, and I’m with him on this one, in a 9-0 game, I’m not expecting retaliation. So congratulations, Sam LeCure, you’re now public enemy #1 in this young 2012 season. I don’t believe a rookie pitcher went after Votto below the hips, but we know you went after Buster Posey with that smile you had on during his home run trot. Nobody messes with Buster Posey.