Buster Posey

Cincinnati Reds Pitcher Sam LeCure Is Apparently No Fan Of Giants’ Buster Posey?

By Bryan Rose

Stuart covered it about as well as anybody could, but for those that missed it tonight, Buster Posey was the target of Cincinnati Reds pitcher Sam LeCure who sent a message to the Giants and Posey in the top of the 9th, sticking up for his slugger Joey Votto with a behind the knees pitch that had Posey dancing a jig at the dish.

It was clearly obvious that the Votto beaning was completely unintentional, but somebody on the Reds side of things didn’t see it that way, be it Manager Dusty Baker or maybe Sam himself, who let his feelings be known after the game:

"Talk about your all time punk jobs! I’m just happy we won. #reds"

All time punk jobs? There’s so many ways to go with this. Is he talking about Giants pitcher Dan Otero, who hit Reds slugger Joey Votto? Was he referring to his actions? Or was he making reference to the fact that Buster Posey “punked” him by sending a shot over the right center wall a few pitches after he initially tried to hit him?

At first, I took his reference to the punk job as a diss to the Giants, but the “at least we won part” seemingly gives a bit of wiggle room that he’s referring to himself getting punked from Posey.

Either way, I’m not sure we’ve seen the last of this confrontation. The Giants (along with Posey) were visibly upset after the warning shot was fired and with two games left in the series, it’ll be interesting to see who throws the next blow.

Somebody, grab the popcorn.