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San Francisco Giants Say Brian Wilson Surgery A “Success”

By Bryan Rose

Certainly not earth shattering news, but, it’s nice to hear nevertheless.

The operation on Brian Wilson, performed Dr. James Andrews, was deemed a success in the eyes of the Giants as they announced the news in the pregame notes prior to the tilt tonight in the Big Apple. I’m not sure how bad one can botch a Tommy John operation, but, apparently Wilson still has both arms and no surgical wounds any other place, so, success!

Wilson has a great deal of rehab ahead of him – a full year is the projected time frame (sometimes more) but a full recovery is expected by all parties involved, so expect to see the Beard on the mound come Spring 2013 – and expect to see him in the dugout shortly once he recovers from the operation.

Well, I’m assuming that – Weezy might already be working on a hologram version of himself to attend when he cant.