Buster Posey

All-Star Ballot Nominees

By Ashley Varela

Only twelve games have been played so far this season. Seventy-four remain before the All-Star break in Kansas City, and suffice to say it’s entirely too early to be talking about the All-Star contenders for each team.

Still, we are left with this tweet from John Shea, listing the Giants’ position players who will be featured on the ballot:

C Buster Posey

1B Brandon Belt

2B Freddy Sanchez

3B Pablo Sandoval

SS Brandon Crawford

Some names are to be expected, like Posey and Panda. It’s a bit surprising to see Sanchez listed, given that his last appearance was on June 10, 2011. While I wouldn’t go around handing Gold Gloves to Burriss or Theriot, it’s another thing to be snubbed for a player who has yet to make a start this year. Perhaps the Giants are holding out hope that Sanchez will repeat his 2010 season in the two months until the All-Star game.

Finally, the outfielders:

OF Melky Cabrera

OF Angel Pagan

OF Aubrey Huff

One of these things is not like the others. Of course, if one of these things was moved to the first base slot, we wouldn’t have Belt on the ballot, so there’s no sense in complaining. Unless, of course, you’re Nate Schierholtz.

While I’m not familiar enough with the nomination process to know when pitchers are selected for the ballot, only two words are needed when considering the Giants’ pitching staff: Matt Cain.