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Giants’ Closer Brian Wilson Has Elbow Injury, Surgery Likely

By Bryan Rose

Ankle injury, huh? So much for that loveable story. Anybody who watched Wilson’s struggles in Colorado earlier this week after he came off the mound oddly weren’t buying the Giants’ story and for good reason. There was an immediate dip in velocity – we’re talking significant. But alas, all was okay according to the Giants – Wilson was simply throwing his two-seamer, the slower of his two fastballs because he didn’t feel he had good command with the four-seam. Of course he was – silly us.

So it shouldn’t be a shock to us that Wilson will be meeting with the well known Dr. James Andrews soon as its being reported by Carl Steward that Brian Wilson has structural issues with elbow:

"Brian Wilson has structural issues with elbow. Likely looking at surgery says Bochy. Will get second opinion. Will see Dr Andrews"

Yep, you read that right. Damn that ankle.

A tough pill to swallow for the black and orange faithful. Another season, still in its infancy, being derailed by significant injury. Sounds way too familiar.