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Rockies Destroy the Giants 17-8

By Melissa Felkins

The Curse of Barry Zito: Tim Lincecum Only Last 2.1 Innings as the Rockies Destroy the Giants 17-8.

I’m not even sure where to begin. I’ll admit, I stopped watching after the score was one million to seven. Maybe it was 12-7 when I stopped watching.  Maybe it was the debacle where Pill made two errors on one play. There were times it looked like Little League. However, I came up with a theory: this season might be the curse of Barry Zito. Any pitcher who makes more than Barry Zito becomes horrible. Tim Lincecum allowed 6 runs on 8 hits and 2 walks. Hopefully he’s not on your fantasy team right now with an ERA of 12.91. He’s on mine (sad face).

Rather than talk about the bad, let’s talk about the good. Good #1: Nate Schierholtz hit two home runs and three RBIs. I can’t express how much I really love Nate. Emmanuel Burriss had three hits and hopefully he’ll get another look at second base over Ryan Theroit (if he can avoid errors like the one he had last night). Last but certainly not least, Melky Cabrera was THE BEST offseason trade over the winter. He had two hits and continued an offensive spark that the Giants just didn’t have last year.

Here’s a quick recap of the ugly: Lincecum ERA 12.91 (6 ER in one game), Mota’s ERA 15.43 (allowed 4 ER in the game), Affeldt (allowed 2 ER and 5 R in one inning), and Wilson (allowed 1 ER). I said two days ago, if the pitching becomes a


lot more crisp, this team should be fun to watch.

Last night was a game that would likely only happen at Coors Field. It was a messy, smack your head, get excited, smack head some more kind of game. Given it’s the first week of the season, I’m not in panic mode yet…over Timmy or the team. In fact, I’m excited about all the hitting and run scoring. Pitching doesn’t worry me because I know we have a good rotation and bullpen and they’ll work the kinks out. The only thing withstanding that does concern me is the fielding. It seems like a lot of stupid, stupid, stupid errors have been committed this season. Hopefully some of that gets straightened out because even the the Giants keep up the hitting, if there is any hiccups with the pitching, the Giants certainly don’t need to be giving up runs on errors.