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Giants 4, Rockies 2: Back to SF Giants Baseball

By Melissa Felkins

I can live with this score. This is Giants baseball, good starting pitching and relief pitching, coupled with timely hitting equals victory. Madison Bumgarner pitched beautifully through 7.1 innings carrying a no hitter into the 6th inning. Barry Zito was the first stopper three nights ago and even though there wasn’t a losing streak, the Rockies were able to put 17 runs on 22 hits against pretty much the entire pitching staff last night. It was like they had lost two games in a row.

The other person to mention should be Melky Cabrera who had two, two out RBI’s . I know I said this yesterday but, the Jonathan Sanchez for Melky Cabrera trade was THE BEST trade in the winter (and I mean the entire league…not just the Giants…have I mentioned this?) Along with the two RBIs, he had two hits and one walk. While the six games shows Melky Cabrera is real, tomorrow we are going to see how he does in the depths of AT&T Park.

The ugly: Brian Wilson and I don’t mean the beard. Two years ago when the Giants won the World Series and during the regular season Brian Wilson loaded the bases in the ninth with two outs just to give fans something to worry about. Back then I had confidence he was going to do his job, mainly because he would load the bases via the BB. Today Brian Wilson got hit, and hit again, and again then he walked in the second run of the game for the Rockies. There was concern that he was injured prior to the walk, Dave Greshner and Bruce Bochy visited the mound. Then after the first pitch of the next batter, Dave Righetti came out. I’ll give Brian Wilson credit that he got the last out but, they should have brought Santiago Casilla in after the injury.

Good luck the San Jose Sharks as they started their playoff series with a win tonight against the St. Louis Blues.