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Giants Brass Continues To Publically Bash Brandon Belt

By Bryan Rose

While most organizations treat their top “prospects” with the tender care of an infant, the San Francisco Giants brass, headed by Brian Sabean, have taken a different approach with Brandon Belt – a down home, old fashioned beat down.

Belt’s certainly not alone in his public berating as Sabean has a bit of a track record for hitting below the belt (pardon the pun) on some past prospects but for whatever reason, Brandon Belt has drawn the attention of Sabean and it’s not the type of attention he’s been seeking.

After the yo-yo of a season for Belt last year, the Giants essentially called Belt soft – mentally fragile if you will. Belt even admitted to some mental struggles, which essentially gave the brass the opportunity to pat themselves on the shoulder. Brandon wasn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of playing Winter Ball in the Dominican, but Sabean, again, feeling questioned, all but challenged Belt to a do-or-die scenario. Be a company man or else, and be a company man he was as Belt ripped up the Dominican league before heading to Spring Training and ripping that up as well.

With little else to prove at any other level than the Majors, Belt let his opinion be known that if he needs to learn to hit Major League pitching, then he should be facing it. Simple logic, right? So after a few rough at-bat’s and a lack of early results, Belt admitted he’s been pressing again – had the “talk” with Bochy and now is dealing with Sabean, once again, publicly crapping on him on a recent episode of CSN’s Chronicle Live.

Granted, it’s not as bad as some of his previous quotes, but the last thing this kid needs is his superiors piling on him. Some people do better with tough love – Brandon Belt clearly, does not.

Let the guy find himself and find his game. If you can stick with Huff for 140 games playing horrible baseball and not say or do anything about it other than praise his previous ability, you can certainly let a young offensive cornerstone player find his way after THREE games.