SF Giants News

Another Unused Belt

By Stuart Jones

Twitterverse is up in arms again, because of this:

Notice the lack of a giraffe. However, we do notice a certain “Nate of the Great” in there, but this clip below was taken directly from a Henry Schulman article from a direct quote by Bruce Bochy:

Nate needs to get some time on the field in Colorado, I get it. Huff needs to be in the infield because he’s a water buffalo in the OF, I understand, but don’t tell an angry fanbase you’re going to stick with Belt and then not start him. With LHP Jamie Moyer starting tomorrow, and management already talking about a Belt/Pill platoon, you figure that means Brett Pill will get the start at 1B and Huff will go to the OF for some reason unbeknownst to mankind. Actually, I just found the reason why: in 23 ABs vs. Moyer, Huff has a .391/.391/.783 line in his career with 3 HRs. Safe to say Huff’s getting that start and we won’t see Belt starting until Friday, at the earliest. Until then though, we cross our arms and mutter vulgarities under our breath just hoping Belt gets a chance to prove his worth to the franchise.