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The Twilight Zone: Zito Pitches Shutout in Denver

By Melissa Felkins

WTF! I’m speechless or write-less. If someone would have told me during spring training that the Giants would be 1-3 and their only win would come on a complete game shutout with Zito pitching at Coors Field, I would have thought they were smoking with Timmy. Yet, here we are four days later. The Giants are 1-3 and Barry Zito was the stopper. Giants 7, Rockies 0.

Wow……just Wow!

On Sunday I was talking with a friend who has nick named Barry Zito, Barely Zero. I said that’s inaccurate because he rarely puts up zeros. I don’t know if Barry Zito subconsciously picked up the vibes and said I’ll show you. But he did and I’ll give him two games of no crap for this performance. Even if his ERA skyrockets to 21.0.

Pablo Sandoval put the game out of reach with a two-run bomb in the first but, the offense didn’t stop there. In the third inning, after Rockies pitcher walked three Giants in a row with one-out. Hector Sanchez singled in Melky Cabrera. The next round of scoring came in the fifth when the relief pitcher for the Rockies, Matt Reynolds walked the first three Giants. Then John Stamos came to the plate and doubled to score all three runners. (Maybe it was Brandon Crawford.)

To recap, so far the difference between this year and last year is that the Giants are scoring at least four runs per game (Don’t expect to keep this pace, but hey we can wishful think all we want). Once the pitching becomes a little more crisp, especially Jeremy Affeldt and Madison Bumgarner, this should be a real fun team to watch this year!