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Giants Tell Zito He Sucks – Request He Changes His Delivery

By Bryan Rose

You know, in an odd way, I feel bad for Barry Zito. Honestly, I do. I mean – it’s not as if he’s a bad guy. And it’s not as if he doesn’t give an effort – he does, he just – well, stinks.

The guy takes a lot of grief and unlike Giants who’ve come before him *cough*Aaron Rowand*cough*, he doesn’t piss and moan about his inadequacies – he gets out there and tries to fix things. You’ll recall that Zito came into Spring with a new delivery, hoping to change the results of last year (among others) with a more “deceptive” crouched style as Zito felt he was tipping pitches last year.

Well, if he was tipping pitches last year on the old delivery, I think he was serving up first class room service to opposing batters this Spring with the new delivery as Amanda touched on yesterday.

The Giants, according to Hank Schulman, have asked Zito to throw the new delivery on the scrap heap and revert to a style that was similar to the delivery of last year. The new delivery was in hopes of giving Zito more drive off the mound, but the only thing being driven were the baseballs – right over the outfielders heads.

Book-ending the back of the Giants rotation, the black and orange need Zito. Sad as that is to say, they do. With injuries to Vogelsong and Surkamp and an unknown waiting at the AAA level if there are any significant setbacks/injuries, Barry Zito needs a late career resurgence.

For Zito, there’s few better to help him get to that point than Giants pitching coach Dave Righetti – and it’s been shown that you don’t need a blazing fastball to succeed if your secondary pitches can get it done. Unfortunately for Zito and Giant fans, his mechanics look lost and his secondary stuff looks rookie league.

Pray for a


miracle. I think we’re going to need it.