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San Francisco Giants Cut Mike Fontenot

By Bryan Rose

When Mike Fontenot and Ryan Theriot happily greeted each other in a Scottsdale clubhouse earlier this month, I’m sure the last thing on their mind was that the other would cost them a job – especially Theriot getting a roster spot over Fontenot. Unfortunately for Mike, that’s become the case.

The former LSU teammates and roomies were thrilled to be playing together again and given the questionable infield depth, it was highly possible that both would be members of the Giants opening day roster – but it’s not to be for Fontenot, who was released earlier this morning.

Most viewed Fontenot as the favorite over Theriot, mostly because of his ability to play short – something Theriot lacks arm strength to do. Many also assumed given the somewhat murky and slightly scary lack of news regardimg Freddy Sanchez‘s injury, the Giants would keep the infield depth around given the cheap price tags.

All’s not bad though for Font – he did get a World Series ring out of his short time in San Francisco, which certainly makes for a nice consolation prize. Good luck wherever he catches on.