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What I Heard Happened at Media Day

By Stuart Jones

If you want to see the pictures from Media Day, I direct you to what the Giants have posted, and what @SFGiantsFans has posted.

I am not in a workplace where I have access to Twitter all day, it’s just impossible, working in the field of education to devote 100% of your time to a twitter timeline… it’s probably not all that healthy, either. However, today was Media Day at AT&T Park and there was some buzz about all these things happening. No twitter handles will be quoted here, since many were displaying the same general sense of panic, and frustration, because the money being spent here was of course being taken from the Matthew Thomas Cain fund. I’m fairly confident that after the season is over, the Matthew Thomas Cain fund will be ready to go whether he has signed a contract or not, no matter what reasonable number he asks for. Without further ado:

The biggest controversy of the day: the beach by 1st base. Yea, so this isn’t a beach. You still know where I was going with this. People throwing sand in Huff’s direction so that they can get Brett Pill out there! Don’t throw it at Freddy though, he’s fragile.

Campfires in a plaza somewhere. No one really panicked about this, and this may get the most customer attention since it can get cold as F at AT&T down by the Bay.

Airplanes. Surely they couldn’t be serious. Bryan did write about it here so you can see what it actually looks like, with its spiffy name. When Twitter doesn’t give you pictures though, you’re left imagining things.

A new place in the back that serves alcohol, which will only lead to drunkenness and people throwing beach balls and doing the wave. S’mores sandwiches will also be served, and will likely earn me free tickets to a game on my credit card due to the points I rack up from buying those.

So what, does the team only care about money? Don’t they know that Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum will stay because we love them, and will accept any contract offer for that reason alone?

Please. I may not agree with everything they’re doing (see: Sand Pit), but I believe they are sincere in trying to keep their homegrown stars. Whether they are able to or not is a whole ‘nother different story. Surely.