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Magic has the Dodgers, not the other way around… yet

By Stuart Jones

$2.15 Billion. More than four times the next Mega Millions jackpot on Friday. $2.15 Billion is also an amount of money I will very likely never earn, touch, or see in my life, and this amount of money is being paid in cash, which pretty much prevents the Dodgers fanbase from getting into one of those classic McCourt snafus where the owner is just taking money from the organization and then divorces his co-owner, takes them to court, and then gets rich off of selling his team.

Last night Dodger fans were thrilled, and rightly so: they have an owner that’s part of a group that has money and “wants to win now,” which is pretty bold talk for a new owner hours before the Mariners and A’s squared off for extra innings in the Land of the Ichiro. However, the truth is, the Dodgers should still look to be mediocre this year, so the word “now” should not just be taken with a grain a salt, but a whole pound of it.

When should you watch out for Los Doyers? This offseason. Here’s a list of the free agents that could possibly hit the market after the completion of the 2012 season. Imagine if Brandon Phillips gets away from the Reds, Matt Cain the Giants, Cole Hamels the Phillies, Jonathan Broxton the Royals. Maybe not the last one, but they’re not going to sit under $100MM much longer, much less the Giants’ close to $130MM payroll, in my opinion. Don’t worry about them blowing draft picks out of the water because every team’s held to the same dumb rules, but it’ll be interesting to see if their international presence is enhanced or changed at all with the ownership changes.

So hold off on the worry for now, Giants fans. The Dodgers will still get to be the Los Angeles Frank McMediocres for one more year. After that though, don’t be surprised to see the Giants and Dodgers get ready for a more serious place in the spotlight while we watch Timmy and Kershaw square off for the Cy Young (and a playoff spot) year after year.