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Speculation: Is Freddy Sanchez’s Injury Career Threatening?

By Bryan Rose

The most devastating news in any professional sport – a career threatening injury. Words nobody wants to hear, but while it’s only speculation at this current stage, minds are beginning to wonder about the grimacing shoulder injury to Giants infielder Freddy Sanchez.

According to Baggs, Sanchez has been given more time off now as his progress continues to backtrack. A few weeks ago, news was that he’d be ready for Opening Day. Then it was a maybe for Opening Day. Now? Well, now you wonder if he’ll ever see the field again as Sanchez still hasn’t been able to throw without discomfort.

Per Baggs:

"A bad omen: Freddy Sanchez is off for a couple days. At this point, it’s not an overreaction to think shoulder is career threatening."

Again, it’s just speculation. There’s been no medical reports, no official team word, nothing of that sort. But the concern has now grown to worry and the worry is beginning to turn into more.

Sanchez’s reputation has always been one of questionable health and difficult rehabs, you just hope it finally hasn’t caught up to him. His clubhouse presence, professional at-bat’s and solid infield play would be a devastating loss for the Giants.