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Bumgarner Having a Fantastic Spring

By Melissa Felkins

I was down at Spring Training last week and got to see the Giants in action. One of the players that was talked about a lot was Madison Bumgarner. While he didn’t have the most impressive start in the game I saw against the Cubs, he’s had an overall great spring. It’s not just my opinion either. Take this from a recent article by Andrew Baggarly.

"In a rotation with pitching luminaries Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain, it’s Bumgarner who has the scouts buzzing. It’s been suggested by more than one seasoned observer that Bumgarner could be the Giants’ best starting pitcher this season.Read more: Bumgarner has the scouts buzzing"

Did you catch that? “The Giants best starting pitcher this season.” You read that correctly. He’s definitely had a better spring than last season and one can only hope he doesn’t have as bad luck to start the season as last year’s 0-6 start.

It has to make you wonder: If Bumgarner is the pitcher of the Giants’ future, how important is it that we really lock of Matt Cain long term? Can we afford all three premier pitchers? And, if you had to pick two of the three guys to keep long term, who would it be?

Obviously, a lot of these answers will depend on how Bumgarner handles this season, but having three Cy Young award winners on your starting rotation is pretty darn good (even if one of them is Barry Zito).