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Rosenthal – No Progress Between Matt Cain & Giants On Contract Extension

By Bryan Rose

The bow-tie wearing reporter has his believers and his skeptics, so while many may curse Rosenthal’s report as their knees knock in fear – others may take a few grains of salt with it. Either way, despite almost all positive reports up until this point, Kenny Rosenthal of Fox Sports is reporting a lack of progress in the Matt Cain contract extension talks:

"Cain’s representatives spoke Wednesday with Giants officials, and the two sides failed to make progress toward a deal, according to major league sources.No further discussions are planned, sources said, increasing the possibility that Cain could become a free agent at the end of the season.While Cain has not set a deadline for completing negotiations by Opening Day, he has said that he does not want to think about his contract status once games begin.The Giants, who also do not want Cain distracted during the season, are operating under the same premise, sources said."

With a few weeks to go in Spring, it’s certainly no time to panic despite the fact all parties would have preferred to knock out the extension already.

When the Giants open the 2012 season and Matt Cain is void of any extension, then you can pull the paper bag out.

No worries – I have plenty.