Buster Posey

Baggs Expects Matt Cain/Madison Bumgarner Extensions Soon – Also, Happy Buster Day!

By Bryan Rose

We’ll start with the quick news first – Buster Posey is officially back as he’s in the lineup for today’s tilt versus the Cincinnati Reds. The bad news? He’ll be facing Aroldis Chapman – lucky him. Hopefully he borrowed some of Barry’s Fisher Price body armor.

The plan is for Posey to catch two innings this afternoon and up to four tomorrow.

As for the other news, Baggs, who’s officially on hiatus for the next week, left this nugget about Madison Bumgarner and Matt Cain prior to his departure:

"A guess: SF will have extensions 4 Cain, Bum b4 I return. They’ve been working late. They like package announcements. & renewal date is Sun."

So take that for what it’s worth. Baggs returns on March 15th.