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Fan Vote: Giants’ Melky Cabrera Is Apparently The Second Coming

By Bryan Rose

When wild arm Jonathan Sanchez was moved to Kansas City in exchange for The Melk Man, there wasn’t much appeasement in Giant-land. It wasn’t so much trading Sanchez away that was the irritant, it was the acquisition of Melky Cabrera. Yes, we all knew about the fantastic year he had for the Royals – but it was still Melky Cabrera. No matter how much lipstick you put on that pig, well, you know how that goes. Giant fans have had enough of the one year wonder’s who made their way to the black and orange, only to disappoint.

But if Spring Training has been any indication (didn’t my Mother always tell me not to read into Spring Training stats) – the Melk Man took that lipsticked up pig and is currently frying bacon with it because the guy is scorching hot.

Through yesterday’s tilts, Cabrera has a .571 average with two ding dong’s, four RBI’s and three doubles. He’s not just hitting bloopers down the line or ducksnort’s over the middle infield – he’s pounding the seams out of the ball (most of it against MLB level competition), much like he did all of last season with his 44 doubles in KC.

Again – it’s Spring – AND a small sample size. Putting too much stock into it is destiny for failure, but maybe – just maybe – the Giants didn’t acquire the Cabrera of yesteryear’s.

Maybe those 2011 stats in the AL Central weren’t as flukey as many thought.

Or maybe I’m just happy to have somebody in the outfield who can hit over .255.

I have low standards. How say you Giant fans? Can Melky keep his ’11 form?