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Matt Cain And San Francisco Giants Reach Common Ground On Long Term Deal?

By Bryan Rose

Matt Cain has essentially put an unofficial deadline on contract extension talks – he wants them done prior to the start of the regular season. We’ve known that for a while – but little has come out in terms of any progress – although Baggs is reporting that both the Giants and Cain have reached a “common ground” in terms of, well, the contractual terms:

"From what I’ve been told, the two sides have reached greater common ground in recent weeks. Cain wants to stay and the Giants have the wherewithal to keep him. Those tend to be the most important factors. It’ll be a surprise to many, both in the organization and out, if Cain’s deal doesn’t get done before the season starts."

All the rumors of the Dodgers gearing up to offer Cain insane money – the long standing Yankee rumors, they’re just that – rumors. Cain’s one of the few Giants who’ve adopted the city as his own in terms of full time living/raising a family in the area when the season ends.

As Baggs mentions – Cain wants to be in San Francisco and the Giants organization feels the same (plus financially, they can afford it). Worry not, Giant fans – Cain and the Giants are going to get a deal done. It might be a few more weeks, but, it’s just a matter of time.